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I am Angela Kitali, a Transportation Engineer and Data Scientist. Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate and Research Assistant at Florida International University. In this platform, I will be sharing with you different aspects related to transportation engineering and big data. Stay tuned and let's find out how big data is  revolutionizing the transportation sector.



Impact of Freeway Service Patrols on Incident Clearance Duration: Case Study of Florida’s Road Rangers

  • Road Rangers, aFlorida's Freeway Service Patrol program, monitor the freeways for incidents to minimize incident clearance duration.

  • For the first time, in this research we evaluated the extent to which Road Rangers reduce incident clearance duration.

  • Considering the skeweness of the incident clearance distribution data, we used a quantile regression to relate incident clearance duration to influencing factors. 

  • Road Rangers were found to reduce incident clearance duration by 25.3%.

  • The results of this study can, in general, provide researchers and practitioners with an effective way of evaluating the mobility benefits of the Road Ranger program.

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